Everyone must start somewhere.

I started taking photos on the iPhone way back when. Since then I have graduated to a mirrorless and have never looked back. 

Here's my journey

By @thethreeshot

Sindy Sinn

Chances are you've seen Sindy around the inner west of Sydney. His work is stamped across a few bars, walls, shirts, pins and music venues from Newtown, Enmore, Marrickville and then some. 

So what is the man  like and what is he up to these days? PC caught up with Sindy and got the lowdown from the legendary illustrator himself.

Go and Sinn

The moon over house on a cliff

We really do need to post a little bit more just like we have to get out a little bit more as a group and appreciate what we have. 

We managed to do just that a couple of weekends ago when we got up at the crack of dawn for a photo session and a surf at the enchanting Whale Beach. 

A few laughs and high 5's were exchanged. We hope that you enjoy this little series as much as we enjoyed the day.

Check beautiful Whale Beach


Hello 2017

It's high time we put up a "hello 2017" being in March and all. It's quite scary how quick time passes particularly if you don't set out any personal goals.

Before you know it, we will be staring at 2017 year end and we'll be thinking "Damn, that year went fast! What did we achieve this year?" 

Well it's about time we put out a few personal and collective goals on things we want to do this year.

Let's go '17

Our first photo exhibition 

Bah! We're coming on quick with our first photo exhibition at the Blacksheep bar in Newtown ON the 9th of November.

This first exhibition will bring together the diverse talents of 4 amazing members of our group. We're sure that there will be something in it for everybody!

Show me the pictures  


That festival magic

There is simply nothing like a holiday to re-energise the soul! 

And it doesn't get better than a short trip to Byron Bay for the magical Splendour in the Grass festival!

In this first hand account by PC, he goes through the festival highlights, a cool place to stay and the magnetic double-B.

Read the magic

Market day

Lessons when you don’t breakeven

How do you measure success? Do you measure the profitability or do you measure using a different metric?

It's easy to get dismayed when you don't hit a breakeven point during a sale but there's a ton of hidden little lessons that we can still take stock from during the weekend.

Read more of the value add

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.36.57 AM.png

Old fashioned viral

Saying 'hello, how are you' is still the best way to connect with people 

To market to market to buy a fat pig. Well, that's at least how the old nursery rhyme goes. We'll hopefully be singing along this Saturday July 2nd in Newtown Markets to meet as many of you as we possibly can.

But there's still a lot more to this song.

Sing it with us


5 Minutes with..

The Surf Animal

Our resident animal advocate and water baby Matias joins us in our latest edition of 5 minutes. We go through his earliest memories to his commitment with protecting all the animal of this land, to his love of the water. 

So what makes this man tick? Read on to find out more.

Ride on with Matias 


The Collective product range is here

Our shop is open featuring our designs and tools

It's been a long time coming and now we are so excited to bring you our #dogtee collection. These fashionable designs come in tees, hoodies and singles with all proceeds going to an animal shelter.

We have added a placeholder for our placeholder text initiative in our product page too. This tool will help many a designer / idea's guy to start creating great content.

Let me read some more

Startup Ipsum

Making a better Lorem Ipsum

The making of something special

Lorem Ipsum was always meant to be used as the initial placeholder text to visualise what a site could be. We've taken the challenge to redesign the 'ol placeholder text and breathe some new life and functionality into the tool.

We go through the basic idea in this post of adding some smarts into Lorem Ipsum and adding some design elements to it too. 

More info on this big value add


5 Minutes with..

Carol from Mimpy and Co.

The beautiful and wonderfully talented Carol takes us on a journey as she reveals a little bit more about herself — from her earliest memories to her family background, right through to her design process.

It's an in-depth and inspirational look into the woman that drives Mimpy and Co. who so happens to be our driving force behind the sublime #dogtee designs. 

Woof! Let's go Carol

Gabriela Herman

People we admire

Gabriela Herman interview

Hip, uber-cool and the supreme photographic talent Gab sits down with us and goes through her background, how she got started taking pictures and her work to date.

This is one must-read interview from a woman that inspires us to lift our game in all things creative.

Read about Fab Gab 

You had me at Woof

Talk to the Paw

Our exciting first initiative for a good cause

Drum roll please... We are delighted to present our first joint project as a group to all - our wonderfully crafted dog tee's.

This project came out organically as a group; animal defender Matias told us about a dog shelter he helps out during the week and the ball really started rolling from there.

Tell me more about them puppies

People we admire

An interview with Bjorn Valdimarsson

There are only a handful of guys that have the ability to make us feel the surroundings of their photos.

Bjorn is one of them. One can feel the wintry cold, the blasts of snow and the desolate and empty terrain... and we love it!

Read the Bjorn Interview

Hello World

<script> alert('Hello, World!') </script>

Introductions can be difficult which is why we went for the tried-and-tested 'Hello World' computer output as our first entry. 

It's a fitting start to this exciting mash-up of individuals, who are bound by the love of sharing snaps and are driven by creating something exciting!

Hello Collective Network!