We are a group of photographers for hire and have a few photos on sale. Click on a photo for more details on each photographer.




We're making our best friends look cool on you

These dog and cat designs based on our lovable little friends will have you barking and purring mad! This range of tasty tees, hoodies, singlets and cap come in all shapes and sizes. Colours come in spunky black, white and grey (with more available upon request - just drop us a line).

We are proud to partner with RSPCA. 

We walk it like we talk it

Libby Babet



We have a 2 variety of CN caps that come in both Rapper and Trucker styles.  Our 'Collective' shirt comes in all shapes and sizes with colours ranging from black, white and grey (more colours are available upon request). 




We also build software!

Startup Ipsum is the simplest way to create great content and design. The application will generate content (copy and design) based on a click of your interest. You will then be able to edit away or simply use your existing work as the base design of your site.  It is placeholder content like no other! 

We are also ideating through a new initiative and will provide these updates shortly.

Join us below if you want to keep up with the latest or if you have a collaborative spirit!