The most dangerous phrase in our language is "We've always done it this way"

- Grace Hopper

I care about.. Family, friends and growing this community.

Instagram: @thethreeshot

By day: I'm an Agile Lead in a bank. I run projects end-to-end from inception to implementation, creating digital products & capabilities. It is the interaction and the real connections with people that I value the most.

Coffee order: It's usually a skinny mac with 1 but I can also mood shift into a strong skinny flat, affogato, hot chocolate or tea. 

If you want more of me: I freelance as a photographer and  open to shoots. I have more on my website here. I write on Medium now and then.   

Superpower: Creative thinking, photography and design.



"Perry is a wonderful creative to collaborate with. From the get go communication was fast and clear, and on the day of shooting he was professional, direct, and energetic. His total artistry is reflected in his shots; I am extremely happy with the final photos for our project, and I look forward to working with him again. "


Perry provided us with some super cool lifestyle shots to use on our marketing channels for PF. We were stoked with the shots he sent over; he has a very cool eye for unique interpretations of merging his photography style with our unique streetwear apparel! Keep up the great work! :)

Plant Faced.png

- Charlie (Owner, Plant Faced Clothing)



"Working with Perry was an absolute blast. I can be a shy person but Perry was able to make me feel natural and comfortable in front of the lens. He has a good eye for locations and is always open to ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to working with him again!"

Carol (Owner, Mimpy and Co)


"The Collective Network's exhibition titled Two-Minute Noodles offers a fantastic insight into the daily happenings and pressures of everyday life for the Sydney university student. The exhibition is simple yet thought provoking and the accompanying quotes lined with the images give both the student and the artist capturing the images a voice. Corridor is a perfect location for this exhibit as it is a favourite haunt for the demographic captured in the series and it is great to witness the juxtaposition between the students at work and at play. The creative network obviously gel perfectly as the transition between different photographers is seamless and the individual works are not separated by artist. It has been an absolute pleasure hosting the work of this talented group and I look forward to seeing more of their work and following their growth"

- Toby Younger (Owner, Corridor Bar, Newtown)









striped board

Journey through pictures

A short read on my journey as a photographer. I am constantly evolving and chances are, I might have progressed a little bit more since this post (Oct 2017). 

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Let’s continue the design process of simplifying objects using basic shapes. This time around — after the guitar example — let’s simplify a bicycle from ground up.

Let's ride


Parallels between a website business and running a physical shop

I couldn't help but think about the similarities between a physical market front and an online website during a market we had. The similarities were startling.

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