Hello 2017

Is it too late for resolutions? No, it’s never too late to set targets and lay down a path for goals.

Here’s mine as part of CN:

“What do I want to achieve this year? On tech front, I want to get this idea that’s been itching me off the ground, as in validated by business and users and start the fun part of building the damn thing. 

On photo front, I would love nothing more than stitch together a project with my photography partners in crime here in CN. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility holding another exhibit, or two! 

On the design front, I would love to collaborate and throw something up there again. I do know that when push comes to shove this item will come last unfortunately as I only have so much time. Trading this off guarantees I actually finish something and hopefully what I do complete meets my own personal expectations.

Would like to finish validation and start build by mid year for startup idea and would ideally like to have project or two done with an exhibition slated in the books.

Those are the goals. There’s nothing but hard work between now and midyear / end of year. But that’s a given for me, all I need is a window of opportunity.

I’ve been quite precise in what I want to do and I’ll make a point by putting a reminder up mid year to check on:

  • how I’m tracking with the startup front (with Suraj from CN) and
  • how we’re tracking with a new project in my fellow photographers.

I pretty much owe it to myself to set goals out there and track progress as there is nothing better than having that feeling of fulfilment.

Since I started the #gettheresolutionoutthere, I thought to ask the good guys at CN what goals they had for the year and they came back with this:

And we also have a few soon-to-be-published goals by the other guys:


“I would like to get back into my photography as lately I haven’t been doing it as much as I would have liked. With that, I would like to pimp my pics at some stage this year too.

Would love to get a new camera too — fingers crossed, Nikon releases a new full frame.

And I would also love to travel this year. Not sure where but hopefully by the end of the year.”


Goals? Finish my new book this year but at a minimum, get the draft out to my editor.


This year I would like to focus on improving my health and increasing physical fitness through yoga.

And at the time of writing, I’m still waiting for the rest of the crew to get back to me with theirs.

But no matter what comes back from the rest of the crew, here’s to everyone achieving what they set out to do this year and beyond!

This post first appeared in Medium from Perry from CN.