The week of our next meetup

Our first meetup was kinda small and humble in a lot of ways. It was Friday afternoon and the rain would not stop from the day before. I was asked by several people whether the meetup was still going to go ahead as planned, which really should have served as a 'confidence warning' on the attendance. In the end, there were a few who were already committed and I did not want to disappoint them. And so the show went on.

And for the few that weathered the storm, the day - the early evening, really - was worth it:

I have mixed emotions on the week of our 2nd meetup; on the one hand, I am quite excited to host a bigger party and meet a few more good people (18 going with 85-strong in the group at time of writing). But on the other hand I will also miss 2 key members dropping out due to other commitments. [note: @decamino and @kwokchan - we'll miss you guys!]

We are also supposed to have some good weather, clearing shower apparently, which means we'll have an opportunity to take better shots. We'll venture out and chase the sun to #Barangaroo and #Walsh Bay for some epic shots, spill over to the #Lord Nelson for a swig of its famous brew (ale/cider/water for some), waltz through #The Rocks for some old Sydney shots, and head down to Frankie's for their beloved pizza. There will be a lot of tagging of people and places, and we'll cause as much noise as we possibly can. I'm excited again!

But let's just cross our fingers and hope the guy up there holds the sun up on Friday. 

This will be a long week, but - bring on Friday!


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