5 minutes with Matias the animal surfer

The 'Surf Animal' joins us in this edition of the people behind the Collective Network.

And this animal is none other than Matias, our resident animal advocate whose drive in helping animal shelters has inspired us to create our dog tees campaign.  

Let's hear all about his story in this edition of 5 minutes.


What are the earliest memories you had as a child?

I have a very vivid memory, I must have been 2 and a half years; I was in my bedroom (it was dark) and I was asking my mom for some milk (well more than asking - may be shouting).

I remember my mom walking in with a smile and giving me the milk bottle.

Awww. That's cute. Is one of your parents a software designer or developer? Or did you have a close family member that introduced you to development?

Nope, none of my family members are into the tech industry.

Oh really. So what were you good at as a kid?

I was kind of good (well, that’s what I thought at that time) at drawing, especially when doing cartoons or superheroes; I used to spend hours doing quietly drawing (and my parents were very happy with that).

I did some craftwork with clay, only modeling animals. 

Right. And so what was your first job?

I was a lifeguard; I was 19 years old and after 15 years swimming I decided to use my water skills to make some money.

I have to admit it was a great job, I met lots of fun people.


If you did not have to create a product or any work for a client, what would you be doing?

Back in my days of software designer, I would have created some application or system for my personal use.

Sounds like you enjoy doing development.

Yes, I do actually. I find it challenging and fun :)

Do you dabble in music? Do you listen to music when you do work?

Most definitely, I love to listen to music when doing any kind of work.

Sometimes I play all the music I have in shuffle mode, that’s like a roller coaster of music, memories and emotions, I love it!!


Who inspires you? Who should we follow?

People who is passionate about saving and protecting animals. I recommend to follow @Peta, @WWF_Tigers, @wildAid, @TakePart, @action4ifaw, @ASPCA,  @world_wildlife, @peta2, @WWF

Would you do anything else?

Yes I would like to help more animals and do some volunteer work in remote areas of the planet with wild animals

So what gets you out of bed?

Life itself!! I enjoy life a lot, every day a new thing might come up, so let’s make the most of it!

Is there something else that you would like us to tell about yourself that we haven’t touched on? 

I love water, I can spend hours in the water, surfing, swimming or diving; the ocean is such an amazing source of energy and life; feeling the power of a wave and the movement of the water is a unique experience.

It's very hard to describe the state of mind when I’m on it.

We sure feel the same way with the ocean. It is such an amazing, positive source of energy that's quite strong and calming at the same time. 

We also feel the cause that Matias is driving hard for - which is why all proceeds from our dog tee products go to a non-profit. Please help us, help them.

We'll see you shortly in our next edition of 5-minutes.


Talk to the Paw product launch

Dogs, we heart them.

A few of us are quite passionate about our best friends. So much so that we're in the process of doing a charity drive to raise money for an animal shelter. The drive will be centered around Tee's (hoodies and singles also available) that we've designed with great care:

Coming up with the designs was the fun and easy bit. Carol and Perry bounced around ideas left, right and centre until they landed on 6 designs of choice. Then we trimmed the designs in half as coming up with 6 design variations would have been a logistical nightmare to produce, warehouse and ship. We managed to trim the designs down via customer tests (landing page, SurveyMonkey) from our network.  The insights were invaluable! 

note: We're sure that there have been hundreds out there that have faced the issue of "should we or shouldn't we warehouse stock?" The 'For camp' argued that warehousing stock was more cost effective and was the traditional route of doing business. The 'Against camp' countered that  warehousing faced potential challenges in holding stock that may not sell - men's, women's, small, medium, large and variations. In the end, the latter prevailed ('supply only if demand is known').

In the background, resident Surf Animal Matias, has been busy reaching out to the animal shelter. We're even looking forward to taking this idea forward with other organisations (more details to follow).

This has all been a breeze so far (the progress has been easier with a collaborative bunch). Executing on the idea is the BIG challenge i.e.

  • put together a landing page for pre-orders,
  • build awareness through word-of-mouth, social media and charity drives,
  • set-up the production system..

..before Thunderbirds are GO

Here are some modelled puppy's with our 2 designers:

Carol and PC

We can't wait to get this out there.

And we hope that you'll join us for the good cause.

Collective Network