Our product page has landed

Houston, the product page has landed.


It's been a long time coming since we've been building the exciting #dogtees initiative. At a high level, that's:

  • Creating and designing the product
  • Putting the product page together
  • Negotiating with manufacturer
  • Discussing proceeds with animal shelter
  • Social media promotion

And the list goes on.

In parallel, we were getting stuck right into the #loremipsum project - affectionately known as 'startup ipsum' - creating the coming soon page, developing the product, marketing and so on.

Now both initiatives are at different stages of maturity. The #dogtees are now available! 

We are still building all the good stuff behind the scenes for the Startup Ipsum. But we thought it best not to delay our fab tee / singlet / hoodie designs, and launch the goodies right now.

A few things to note

Sizing, Colour and style

We all know that fit is incredibly important when purchasing clothes online. This is why we have included a table in each product that has all the size measurements, for all people big and small.

Our colours come in black, white and grey. We are in a position to source more colours; feel free to reach out if you're feeling particularly colourful.

We can also import hoodies with zippers (and not just pullovers). We're happy to cater for your needs and have included this option with our hoodies. 


We use Australia Post for shipping out the goodies locally: 

Parcel post (5-6 business days)

  • Small satchel, 35.5 x 22cm, Up to 500g = $8.25
  • Medium satchel, 40.5 x 31cm, Up to 3kg = $13.40
  • Large satchel, 51 x 43.5cm, Up to 5kg = $17.10

Express post (next business day)

  • Small satchel, 35.5 x 22cm, Up to 500g = $10.55
  • Medium satchel, 40.5 x 31cm, Up to 3kg = $14.80
  • Large satchel, 51 x 43.5cm, Up to 5kg = $24.15

If you are outside Australia and are wanting to support the good cause, and wear these tasty designs, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to bend those rules ;)

Got Q's?

We'll have A's to your Q's, so like always, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

We sure hope you can support us in developing our collective, particularly with our #dogtees immediately. Those adorable little creatures need our help!


Talk to the Paw product launch

Dogs, we heart them.

A few of us are quite passionate about our best friends. So much so that we're in the process of doing a charity drive to raise money for an animal shelter. The drive will be centered around Tee's (hoodies and singles also available) that we've designed with great care:

Coming up with the designs was the fun and easy bit. Carol and Perry bounced around ideas left, right and centre until they landed on 6 designs of choice. Then we trimmed the designs in half as coming up with 6 design variations would have been a logistical nightmare to produce, warehouse and ship. We managed to trim the designs down via customer tests (landing page, SurveyMonkey) from our network.  The insights were invaluable! 

note: We're sure that there have been hundreds out there that have faced the issue of "should we or shouldn't we warehouse stock?" The 'For camp' argued that warehousing stock was more cost effective and was the traditional route of doing business. The 'Against camp' countered that  warehousing faced potential challenges in holding stock that may not sell - men's, women's, small, medium, large and variations. In the end, the latter prevailed ('supply only if demand is known').

In the background, resident Surf Animal Matias, has been busy reaching out to the animal shelter. We're even looking forward to taking this idea forward with other organisations (more details to follow).

This has all been a breeze so far (the progress has been easier with a collaborative bunch). Executing on the idea is the BIG challenge i.e.

  • put together a landing page for pre-orders,
  • build awareness through word-of-mouth, social media and charity drives,
  • set-up the production system..

..before Thunderbirds are GO

Here are some modelled puppy's with our 2 designers:

Carol and PC

We can't wait to get this out there.

And we hope that you'll join us for the good cause.

Collective Network