Problems platform solves the question that people have about topics in hope that their concerns will be heard by as many people as possible (including the person/company/place they have a problem with).

As a person that has a problem with a cafe for example, I can go to the problems platform and enter my problem of 'bad coffee'. The person will then assign a category to the problem, a location, tags and can then be shared across their network.  As an extra, the person is able able to offer suggestions to the business on how to solve their problem. 

Other users can upvote or downvote the problem. They will select either the Cafe and its Location on the dashboard which takes them to the Problem e.g. Cafe ABC serves bad coffee by user X. Other users have the opportunity to vote on the problem or the suggested solution (or both) and add their own comments. They can also share their feedback across their channels.

The company/business that has the problem (the cafe) will have a chance to view problems by users and their comments. once registered will have the opportunity to identity their customers biggest problems (in hope of fixing their customers problems). They will also have the ability to collaborate with other users through the platform and share their response across their network.

The platform makes money by providing insights to businesses on their problems and offer aggregated views on how other like businesses are performing. The platform also allows businesses to privately collaborate amongst themselves to fix the problem. The platform can also advertise competing solutions to users problems. If a user has a problem with a cafe, a nearby cafe ad will show up to the user.  


Adding problems

This feature allows users to add their problems. Problems will have categories and tags and can be shared to their network (FB, Twitter, link).


Viewing problems

Other users  are able to view problems of all users through the dashboard. 

People that have the link to a specific problem will be taken to that problem.


Voting on problems

Registered users can vote on problems (is it possible to vote if you are not registered or will that leave us open to bot attack?)


receiving problems from customers

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