Jan '16

#collaborate #photography #socialmedia

We started in Jan 2016 as an Instagram meetup group as we all enjoyed taking photos.  The original idea was to draw a crowd, meetup, then spread the love through social media channels. It wasn't hard.

[ We were lucky enough to have our very first meetup sponsored by the beautiful people of The Bank Hotel Newtown - you guys KICK REAR! ]

It went along swimmingly during the first 2 meetups, even though there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes to organise the group. And it was going to take a lot more of hard work to really make a dent in the scene. 

Opera House sillies


Feb '16

#design #nonprofit #adjustment 

Get them here, and read about them here.

It was during this time, through Slack collaboration, where we realised that a fair few of us were quite creative. We also all had similar belief systems: we love mother earth, the beautiful people and animals about, and that mutual respect for our similarities and differences is what will see us through in the end. 

However, it is our love for creating something useful with meaning that got us started with the #dogtees project.

And after a bit of toing and froing with the wonderfully gifted Carol from Mimpy and Co. at the design deck, the tireless surf animal Matias on the animal rescue front, The P-machine on the design and overall management plain, and the rest of the gang who verified numerous iterations, we were able to churn out these delicious designs:

Note: these tasty ones also appeared on this post.

Now our shop is open and we've even expanded out to include other products.


Now the most exciting part about our dog designs is that we are now accredited by the RSPCA NSW to sell the products on their behalf - meaning that all the proceeds from the dog designs will go to the RSPCA. We are incredibly excited!

Come check us out


Mar '16

#startup #tech #letsdothis

Coming soon

As our team is also composed of tech-heads, it was inevitable that we came out with some tech based initiative. After a chats with the Martian-developer Suraj, we decided to come up with a simple project based on "good 'ol lorem ipsum".

The problem as we saw it was simple: Lorem Ipsum is great for that first mockup in order for all to visualise what something might look like. Lorem Ipsum didn't work so well after a few iterations where developers and customers needed deeper dives.

 The framework for our project has now been set up on Github and tasks have been laid out in Trello. We have also managed to rope in a few others on the project and now it's all build. 

Here are some early prototype demos:

Since these use cases have come out, we have decided that it's best that we redesign the site to make sure that users can easily use the tool with their mobile phones. We are slowly getting there!

Ideas are dime-a-dozen and it's all about the execution at the end of the day. Stay tuned.


Mar '16 to present

#butwaittheresmore #entrepreneur #inspire

We still have a ton of ideas out there sitting in storage but we do think it's good to do a few ideas well rather than have a grab-all-loose-all scenario.

We will immediately focus our efforts in promoting our funky dog tees with all proceeds going to a non-profit (currently in discussion with Monika's doggie rescue). We've come a long way with this - and there's still a long way to go!

In parallel, we will also push forward with the Lorem Ipsum development work. As you can imagine, it does get kinda challenging doing a project of this nature with everyone's spare time; but we'll push forward and provide uptakes as we go along. 

And finally, you would have noticed that there's a few of us in our home page - but there's even more of us within our Slack group. We are really looking forward to leveraging everyone that we do have in the group and hope to create something special for all involved.

Just like each union might produce a unique child, each pairing between us will produce a different product.

Go team!

Tees in Trello


#energy #collaborative #creative #cando #positive

We've only recently started off as a collective and we're always looking for people who are willing to contribute and help write another chapter to our story. If you're the collaborative type, have bundles of good energy, have a tendency to be creative and have that can do attitude, drop us a line on email below or DM through any of the social channels below.

In particular we do need heavy-lifting help with coordinating the #dogtees and would love to hear from tech-savvy folks for the #loreipsum challenge. So if you're passionate about animals, or if you're social media star, or if you a tech god, we would love to hear from you!