Validate Me is an online tool and an app (?) that allows users to quickly add their ideas for the next big startup and share it with their friends and network in order to obtain feedback. The network that receives the idea can provide feedback by adding tags or by upvoting existing tags. 

Note: Nothing is final, still work-in-progress

Validate Me form.png

Entering ideas

#1 As a person with an idea, I want to enter my idea online, so that I can share it with others

The user form is kept clean with minimal design to keep the users focussed on entering their idea. After completing the minimum (mandatory) information for an idea, the user selects enter to the next screen.


More information

#2 As a person with an idea, I want to enter other information about the idea, so that users will have further context.

After the user enters the minimum information in the initial form, the user is given the choice to enter optional information about the company, description about the company or further information about the idea, and the design.

The user can either share the information now by skipping these 3 additional fields, or they can enter information here and then share it with their network.

VM form 2.png

VM form 3.png

Sharing Ideas

#3 As a person with an idea, I want to share my idea, so that i can validate my idea with others.

There are 3 options to share ideas: Twitter, Facebook or by copying link and sending it via email. 


VM validator view.png

Viewing ideas

#4 As a person that validates the idea, I want to be able to view each idea, so that I can validate it.

When a user shares their idea on Twitter, FB, email or through other means, the person that receives the link will be able to view each idea. The person that reviews the idea will be able to upvote each idea tags or add their own tags.

Note that each of the main area above - Idea title, Category etc. - has more information hidden. When the user clicks on each area, the application will present more information which has been documented here.


User validation

Validating ideas

#5 As a person with an idea, I want others to validate my idea, so that i can receive early feedback

This area allows the person that reviews the idea a chance to add tags to the idea or upvote existing tags. By doing so, the person that validates the idea is providing feedback to the person that came up with the idea.

There is also an area where existing Q&A is presented (from the idea originator and the network ). 

The person that is viewing the idea, also has an option to ask questions to the idea originator.

Hover over tag to upvote / downvote ideas

Hover over tag to upvote / downvote ideas

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